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April 17, 2008



LOL, that sounds just like our house! My son is a month or two younger than yours (born May 9) and I've been reading your blog for a little while now. I love getting a glimpse of what's coming next for us.

The diaper changes are such a pain now, aren't they? Ay yi yi. Jack does a lot of crawling around half-naked too. I'm glad I'm not alone.


Diaper changes are already a pain here at 8 months. She's still little enough that we can use the changing table easily, but I think its days are numbered since she keeps trying to crawl off of it. Since we have dogs and hardwood floors I'm not sure what's next ... maybe I'll turn the crib into a changing station since she doesn't sleep there anyway.


This is where I think the changing table is a godsend because even though I have to make sure she won't fall off, she can't crawl away and I think she knows that. On the floor--forget about it. She's off. I had to change her diaper in the park yesterday and her little butt was wiggling in the sunshine as she made her escape.

At home she has a toy she loves that has become the changing table toy. Only to be played with at the changing table. We used to do books but recently switched it up. Although perhaps even this guise would not thwart Nathan.


It hadn't even occurred to me to bring back the changing table- I'll try that when we are back home.

Today I changed a poopy diaper with a toddler standing on my lap while I sat on the toilet in an airplane lavoratory. I think I deserve some sort of merit badge for that one.

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