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April 28, 2008



Does he like beans? Larkin eats more lima and baked beans than meat, and those and other legumes have quite a bit of iron. Very hand-feeding friendly too!


My boys don't much like meat but will scarf down organic sausages, cut into 2cm pieces. Which is great because they're a bit of a go-to food around here.

And one of them loves spinach, and the other one picks it out meticulously and feeds it to the dogs (who have great iron levels, I'm sure).

Vitamin C helps with iron uptake, too.

And it has never occurred to me to drop the changing table - I miss it intensely when we are away from it! I'm tall so changing anywhere else doesn't work. If we're out I do it on the floor on a mat and use one arm over the chest in a kind of strong-arm action - with twins, the other uses the changing time to get into some kind of dire trouble.


We just put a mobile up over the change table a few weeks ago, and I always make sure she has a toy when I change her, and it is still a battle half the time. But if I change her anywhere else I usually have to do it upside-down as she crawls away.


Yeah, Nathan is not always thrilled about diaper changes, but he is at least in one place. I am not sure why I thought moving the changing pad was something I had to do when he got bigger.

Beans are a great idea. I forget about beans a lot.


IKEA meatballs. Molly won't eat any other meat but she will scarf those down.

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