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September 11, 2007



Weissbluth was SO my boyfriend during those heady, sleep-deprived days.

Not the magic bullet, certainly, but a helpful guide.


Ha, Weissbluth! My son took four naps for a while, too, but now I think it's because he got up so freaking early. I know lots of moms that didn't consider 5:30 a wake up time as much as a first feeding time and then they'd put their kids right back down. I always got up and figured we'd just start the day. But all this is to say that for us, it wasn't until six months that we started in earnest to sleep train, to unswaddle, to lie down awake, etc., and then things really did start to fall (almost creepily) into place. My boy took 3 naps until he was 9 months old, then switched to two and now, at 2.25, he takes one and some days, NONE at all, but Weissbluth (!) doesn't really address that in his damned book.

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