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July 28, 2007



Two more book suggestions: Molly loves Peek A Who by Nina Laden and the Peekaboo books from DK Publishing - Playtime Peekaboo, Bathtime Peekaboo, Bedtime Peekaboo and one with Baby in the title somewhere. Baby Says Peekaboo, maybe? The DK ones are awesome because they have pictures of babies and huge flaps that she can now manipulate herself. She started getting into peekaboo big time around seven months, and that's when these books became the favorites.


Aw, "The Going to Bed Book" was a critical part of our nap/bed routine for Adam's first year.

I agree about the exercise part - why would they get all cleaned up and THEN go exercise? And why exercise right before bed? I try not to think about it too hard.


Wouldn't they get sweaty? And all stimulated and awake? Crazy animals.

Melissa, I will look out for those. I keep trying peekaboo with Nathan and he definitely doesn't get it yet, but as soon as he does those are on our list.


Do you know that the "Going to Bed Book" takes us at LEAST five extra minutes to read because we discuss the myriad ways exercise right before bed and after your tub is just... wrong?

Happy reading. It is so fun now and just keeps getting better.

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