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October 16, 2006



You should try and get the ladies to order one of those "Quiet, Bookish, Philosopher 2-Year Olds" I hear are all the rage in some circles. God forbid someone show up with a toddler that acts like a toddler. It's like showing up with a chilled bottle of red wine, apparently.


I don't think anyone had a problem with the kid's behavior- it was the fact that the mother was just totally ignoring the behavior (as the child ran around EVERYWHERE) instead of taking him outside or doing something, anything, instead of just sitting there pretending she didn't notice while other people tried to entertain him.


I still think it's a boy. (I predicted boy earlier, right? I think I did.)


yes, you are the one holdout thinking it's a boy. even Jeff thinks it is a girl now.

Maybe I should start a poll.

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